Rosedale Residential Association

Rosedale Residential Association

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The Rosedale Residential Association (RRA or WPRRA) is a member of the Council of Neighborhood Associations in White Plains, NY.
The RRA is located in the Southern-end of the city limits. It's general boundaries are from Saxon Woods Road to the East through to North Street in the West and from Hillair Circle and Barton Road to the North through to the Hutchinson River Parkway to the South.
All of the more than 700 families in the Rosedale area are considered automatic members of the RRA.
The RRA collects annual dues to support events, meetings, communications, and a city garden in the area. To view a copy of the Rosedale Constitution and By-Laws, click here.

The Nominating Committee is presenting the following nominees for 2017-2018. All have agreed to serve, if elected. We can use help on the board, as an officer, or serving on a committee. Please join us!!!!!!

President: Joe Klasner
Vice-President: Michael Sanchez
Treasurer: John Cherico

Executive Board Members:
Brittney Alt
Teresa Blume
Marty Bush
Julian Cohen
Doug Colety
Cynthia Ehrenkratz
Anthony Fiorenza
Nina Kimenker
Alan Rein
Lauren Sanchez
Patrick Sevcik
Debra Stieglitz
Mike Stieglitz
Lauren Walsh
Mary Ann Zeolla

map of Rosedale

1. Amodio's Garden Center
1160 Mamaroneck Avenue

2. Schottenfeld Floors Beautiful
Tiburzi Builders
1200 Mamaroneck Avenue

3. Corx / Lombardo's Marketplace
1205 Mamaroneck Avenue

4. K&S Cleaner
1211 Mamaroneck Avenue

5. Chase Bank
1214 Mamaroneck Avenue

6. Rosedale Pharmacy
1215 Mamaroneck Avenue

7. former Exxon Auto Center
1221 Mamaroneck Avenue

8. Asnis, Echelman, Lavine, Carpentieri, Gupta
1230 Mamaroneck Avenue

9. Living Word Christian Church
1236 Mamaroneck Avenue

10. Mamaroneck Mobile
1237 Mamaroneck Avenue

11. (vacant)
1241 Mamaroneck Avenue

12. March of Dimes
1275 Mamaroneck Avenue

13. Delman Chiropractic Center
1301 Mamaroneck Avenue

14. Health Alliance Network
1305 Mamaroneck Avenue

15. Parker Corporate Center
1311 Mamaroneck Avenue

16. Star Orchids
1485 Mamaroneck Avenue

17. Meadow Veterinary Hospital
1600 Mamaroneck Avenue

18. Rosedale Deli & Caterers
1227 Mamaroneck Avenue

19. Ethical Culture Society
7 Saxon Wood Road

20. Windward School
13 Windward Avenue

21. Solomon Schecter School
30 Dellwood Road

22. Community Unitarian Church
The Montessori Garden
468 Rosedale Avenue​


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